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Project Innovation


Program Information

July 6 - August 14
Monday through Friday
Distance Learning
Aileen Grainger, Principal
(607) 882-4637
Project Innovation is an inclusive, project-based summer learning program for elementary and middle school students in the Ithaca City School District.

Through Project Innovation, students work on literacy, math, and other essential skills, while also collaborating and engaging in projects and case studies that answer complex questions or offer solutions to real-world problems. In past summers, students have explored questions ranging from “what do plants need to grow?” to “how can we include everyone in our own school?” to “how do professionals solve problems?”

All classrooms in Project Innovation are multi-grade level (K-2nd, 3rd-5th, 6th-8th) and fully-integrated, bringing together general education and special education students of varying ages. Each day is structured to include a 40-minute intervention block, during which time students work on individual goals through targeted interventions and specialized instruction, as well as time for project-based learning.

All ICSD students in kindergarten through eighth grade, including those with IEPs, are eligible to apply for Project Innovation! 

Summer 2020 Distance Learning Framework

This year, Project Innovation will take place exclusively through a distance learning model. Here's what you can expect for your child(ren):

summer 2020 distance learning framework
Please direct any questions to Aileen Grainger at