Anti-Marginalization Units of Study

Anti-marginalization curricular units of study (case studies and projects) are inquiry-based; involve original research, fieldwork, and collaboration with experts; require students to synthesize learning from multiple disciplines; and are in service to the community (global and/or local). The units are developmentally appropriate and touch on multiple forms of oppression, including gender, socioeconomic, disability, and race.

The ICSD’s anti-marginalization curriculum supports young people in their development of anti-racist understandings and practices. The curriculum involves specific approaches to learning, with all students engaged in critical thinking, differentiated instruction, cooperative learning, and collaborative grouping.

Anti-Marginalization Curriculum Learning Targets

  • I can recognize and respond to complex issues of identity, diversity, prejudice, and power in learning communities.

  • I can explain how marginalization is constructed at an individual and institutional level.