Human Resources


Administrative Staff

Robert Van Keuren
Director of Human Resources and Labor Relations

  • Employee Investigations/Discipline

  • Health Insurance

  • Grievances

  • EAP

  • ADA

  • Payroll Review and Certification

  • Negotiations

  • Transportation Supervision

Zach Lind
Chief Information Officer

  • Human Resources Operations

  • HR Staff

  • Recruitment and Retention

  • HR Digital Systems

Gladira Velázquez Cruz
Assistant Director of Human Resources

Administrative Assistants/Senior Typists

Kyna Alexander
(607) 882-9530

Anne Barnes

Leslie Colbert
(607) 882-9859

Ana Fraile
(607) 274-2185

Alex Freyvogel
(607) 274-7511

Weihong (Jane) Li
(607) 882-9542

Mark Vrede
(607) 274-2137

Bianca Wilcox
(607) 882-9090

Information and Resources

The Ithaca City School District does not unlawfully discriminate in employment on the basis of age, color, disability, ethnicity, marital status, national origin, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, veteran status, or victim status.

The Ithaca City School District is committed to eliminating race, class, and disability as predictors of student success. Qualified candidates will demonstrate a basic awareness of this issue and a strong willingness to support this effort.