Facility Use Requests

The Ithaca City School District encourages community use of school facilities when such use is in the public interest and does not conflict with school activities, and is not detrimental to the purpose of schools. Residents, staff members, and community groups can make facility requests by following the steps below. If you have any questions, please contact Amy Augustine at amy.augustine@icsd.k12.ny.us or (607) 274-2134.

Getting Started

Step 1: Register for an Account

All facility use requests are completed online. The first step needed to make an online facility use request is to create an ML Schedules user account here: New Account Setup.

Be sure to complete all information fields, upload your Certificate of Liability Insurance (see requirements below), and click the submit button. Once your registration is successfully submitted, it will be reviewed. You will receive an email confirmation once approved.  

Step 2: Make a Facility Request

Once your account application has been approved, you can begin making facility reservations using ML Schedules. Click here to log in to ML Schedules.

Be sure to submit your request at least fourteen (14) days in advance of the event.  

Insurance Information

The district, under the advisement of our insurance carrier, has strict insurance guidelines for building use. Your reservation of space will not be finalized until a valid certificate of liability is submitted meeting the minimum liability requirements outlined in Facility Use Terms of Service.