Learning Forward ICSD

Learning Forward ICSD is the Ithaca City School District’s multi-year approach to academic and social-emotional learning. Our commitment - to reverse the legacy of racism and establish communities built on love and joy - is centered around four key tenets:

Anti-Racist Curriculum for All

  • Meaningful, interdisciplinary learning experiences that de-center dominant narratives, with a focus on literacy through identity, skills, intellect, criticality, and joy

    • Authentic, performance-based assessments

    • Year-to-year learning maps for all grades and courses

Students as Partners and Leaders

  • Centering the perspectives of students of color in the curriculum design process

  • Holding ourselves accountable to doing this well, as staff

Educator Identity Work

  • Ongoing identity exploration to determine how my identities-

    • intersect with others

    • shape how I approach the work

    • connect with joy

Structures of Support

  • Mental health integration

  • Professional learning

  • Multidirectional communication

  • Community partners

  • Personalized instruction

  • Summer programming

  • After-school opportunities

Sitting Down with Dr. Brown:

Students as Partners and Leaders

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