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Daphne Shululu
Director of Fine and Performing Arts
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Fine and Performing Arts recognizes that the study of music, art, and theatre inspires learning, critical thinking, identity development, and strong communities. We celebrate the authentic selves of all students and work to cultivate loving relationships through anti-racist, inclusive, and culturally-responsive practices. Students explore their artistic voices and hone their skills in music, art, and theatre through authentic performance opportunities in school and in the community.

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Course Details

Instrumental Music: Band and Orchestra (3-12)

The band and orchestra programs begin in elementary school and provide students opportunities to further their musical identities through studying a band or strings instrument. In addition to weekly lessons, students rehearse, play, and perform with their peers in small and large ensembles with authentic field performance experiences.

Instrumental Music: Band & Orchestra (3-12)

Music and Art Instruction (K-12)

Expressive art and music instruction K-7 allow students to further their understanding of core concepts through the arts while also deepening students' identities as artists through creating, performing, responding, and connecting to art and music.

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Theatre (6-12)

Opportunities to study theater, both drama and musicals, cultivate student voice, agency, and the craft of theatrical storytelling. Student leadership opportunities in assembling the theatrical productions from theatrical design to the production crew.

Theatre (6-12)

Visual and Media Art (8-12)

Students may further their identities as visual artists through studying studio arts, media arts, ceramic arts, and photography

Visual and Media Art (8-12)

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