Future Construction

Phase 3a

Key Scope Items

Phase 3a.1 key scope items include:

  • Enfield roof replacement

Phase 3a.2 key scope items include:

  • Beverly J. Martin window replacements


Phase 3a.1: Awaiting submittals from the contractor; work is scheduled to begin summer 2024

Phase 3a.2: The project is out for bid; bids are due on June 21, 2023

Phase 3b

Key Scope Items

(subject to change)

Phase 3b.1 key scope items include:

  • STEM renovation/addition at Ithaca High School

  • HVAC upgrades (adding air conditioning) and new temperature controls at Ithaca High School

  • Addition of a canopy and additional seating at the visitor entrance/student drop-off area, façade upgrades on cafeteria walls, installation of motorized shades for the cafetorium, and toilet room upgrades at Enfield Elementary

  • Precast stonework at Beverly J. Martin Elementary

Phase 3b.2 key scope items include:

  • Remaining HVAC work and paving improvements at Ithaca High School

  • Site improvements on Lake Street at the district office and Area K parking lot and Area K entrance improvements

  • Cafeteria lighting improvements at Beverly J. Martin Elementary

  • Cafeteria lighting improvements, new playground, and floor abatement/replacement at Fall Creek Elementary


Phase 3b.1: The project was submitted to the SED by Tetra Tech in late March 2023. Construction for this phase is anticipated to start in the spring of 2024 with temporary classroom installation. Tetra Tech is working with a vendor to submit plans for two temporary trailer complexes to SED.

Phase 3b.2: Tetra Tech anticipates submitting this phase to the SED in the fall of 2024 with an anticipated approval date of May/June 2024. Work is tentatively scheduled to begin in the fall/winter of 2025 depending on material availability.

Future Scope Highlights

Building Exterior Improvements: Classrooms and corridors that support best practices and 21st-century learning environments via improved program spaces

Athletic Program Improvements: Indoor and outdoor physical education program spaces and locker rooms

Kitchen and Cafeteria Improvements: Equipment upgrades

Accessibility, IT, and Communications Upgrades: Accessibility requirements, communication, and IT infrastructure

Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, and HVAC Systems: Replace systems that have reached the end of serviceable life; energy efficiency upgrades

Site Work: Parking and circulation improvements, playground improvements, paving and walkways