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Aetna Medicare Advantage Plan

Cost Sharing Information

Schedule of Cost Sharing 1-6-6 Rx

Schedule of Cost Sharing 5-10-10 Rx

Schedule of Cost Sharing 5-35-70 Rx

Schedule of Cost Sharing 10-25-40 Rx

Drug Formulary

Aetna Medicare 2023 Formulary

If you are satisfied with the Aetna Medicare Advantage Plan, you do not need to do anything further. Your insurance carrier will not change.

The Hartford GRH Plan

Summary of Coverage

ICSD Group Retiree Plan Summary - The Hartford

Drug Formulary

Express Scripts Medicare (PDP) 2023 Formulary


If you desire to return to The Hartford GRH Plan, please carefully review and complete the following by May 15, 2023 (first enrollment period - plan effective date July 1, 2023) or October 15, 2023 (second enrollment period - plan effective date January 1, 2024):

**The purpose of the waiver form is to list the benefit differences between the Aetna Medicare Advantage Plan and The Hartford Medicare Supplement "F" plan/Express Scripts Part D Prescription Plan and to have the enrollee acknowledge the following:

  • The listed benefit differences between the two plans and that they could not sue the district because of those specific differences

  • That the total premium for The Hartford/Express Scripts plan will be approximately 23% higher than the Aetna plan, but the percentage of the total premium paid by the enrollee will remain the same

  • That they will not be able to re-enroll back onto the current Aetna plan

  • That they cannot sue the district should they later feel that they made a mistake in electing the option to move to The Hartford/Express Scripts plan

If you have any questions about the insurance options available to you, please reach out to us via Let's Talk: ithacacityschools.org/letstalk.