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Northeast Scholar Equity Team

The Northeast Scholar Equity Team is a group of scholars committed to helping make their school a better, more welcoming place.

Since January 2023, the scholars, who self-selected onto the team, have met biweekly to discuss and implement different initiatives to improve the school for their peers. In February, they established their official equity statement - to be a welcoming school community that honors all identities and voices - and three overarching goals:

  • Share who we are and our purpose
  • Get input from everyone at the school
  • Make the school a better place for everyone

In pursuit of these goals, the Northeast Scholar Equity Team has had locks installed on the K-3rd bathroom stall doors, presented to all classrooms about their efforts, and set up a suggestion box for their peers to submit recommendations for how the school can be made better. The scholars have also discussed other big ideas, like making additional bathrooms gender-neutral, educating others on how to be kind, and helping to improve bus behavior.

When polled on how they want to feel at school and why the equity team is important, most of the scholars agreed that the Northeast community wants to feel recognized and important to everyone and not afraid or embarrassed to speak out. In working toward their three goals, the Scholar Equity Team believes they can help make the school and the entire Northeast community a better place.