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Future Phases

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IHS Roofing Phase | Phase 2 | Phase 3 and Beyond

IHS Roofing Phase: 2020-2022

The IHS Roofing Phase of the 2019 Capital Project is currently in the design development stage. Construction of this phase is scheduled to begin in December 2020.

IHS Roofing Phase Key Scope Items
Roofing Replacement
Areas of roofing at Ithaca High School that are failing and out of warranty or are reaching warranty expiration by 2020 will be replaced.

Phase 2: 2022-2024

Phase II of the 2019 Capital Project is currently in the schematic design stage. Construction of Phase II is scheduled to begin in April 2022 and be completed in April 2024.

Phase 2 Key Scope Items
Main Entrance Upgrades
South Hill, Boynton, DeWitt, and Lehman Alternative Community School will receive main entrance upgrades to improve security and create a welcome center area.
Middle School Auditorium Renovations
The auditoriums at DeWitt and Boynton middle schools will be renovated to improve performance and educational use, as well as the audience experience. The new performance areas will be "zoned" for after-hours security.
Secondary School Bathroom Renovations
Some bathrooms in DeWitt and Boynton middle schools, Lehman Alternative Community School, and Ithaca High will be renovated and made fully accessible. The new bathrooms in DeWitt, Boynton, and LACS will also be gender-neutral.
Enfield Boiler Plant Replacement
The entire hot water boiler plant at Enfield Elementary, which has reached the end of its useful life and represents an inefficient and outdated system, will be replaced.
South Hill Parking Lot Reconfiguration and Main Office Relocation
The west side parking lot and pick-up/drop-off areas will be reconfigured to improve circulation and safety. The main office will be relocated to the west side of the building.
Installation of Reverse Osmosis System at Caroline
A new reverse osmosis system, including infrastructure to convey wastewater, will be installed at Caroline Elementary to address chloride levels in well water.
Outdoor Area Improvements at DeWitt and LACS
Outdoor areas at DeWitt Middle School and Lehman Alternative Community School will be improved for student use, including the replacement/addition of play equipment.
Belle Sherman Drainage Improvements
Work will be done at both Belle Sherman Elementary and the Belle Sherman Annex to improve drainage and playground/playing field surfaces.
Security Upgrades to Belle Sherman Annex Library
Classrooms adjacent to the library in the Belle Sherman Annex will be enclosed to improve security. Glass will be used to retain visual openness.

Phase 3 and Beyond

General discussions of work to be included in Phase 3 of the 2019 Capital Project have already begun. Scope highlights for future phases of the 2019 Capital Project are listed below.

Future Scope Highlights
Building Exterior Improvements
Classrooms and corridors that support best practices and 21st-century learning environments via improved program spaces
Athletic Program Improvements
Indoor and outdoor physical education program spaces and locker rooms
Kitchen and Cafeteria Improvements
Equipment upgrades
Accessibility, IT, and Communications Upgrades
Accessibility requirements, communication, and IT infrastructure
Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, and HVAC Systems
Replace systems that have reached the end of serviceable life; energy efficiency upgrades
Site Work
Parking and circulation improvements, playground improvements, paving and walkways