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Phase 1: 2020-2021

Phase 1 of the 2019 Capital Project is currently in the construction stage, which is scheduled to last through December 2021. Click on the images below to learn more about current or recently completed projects, or scroll further down to view descriptions of all key scope items included in this phase.
Current Phase 1 Construction
pool construction web button
IHS welcome center web button
IHS Welcome Center
Moresco Stadium construction web button
Moresco Stadium
IHS courtyard construction web button
IHS Courtyard
J building web button
IHS J Building
Caroline septic construction web button
Caroline Septic
Elementary entrance upgrades button
Elementary Entrances
Completed Phase 1 Construction
South Hill roof replacement button
South Hill Roof
transportation lot web button
Transportation Lot

Phase 1 Key Scope Items and Construction Schedule

Phase I Construction Starting in 2020
IHS Pool Repairs and Improvements
The pool and deck tiles, diving boards, blocks, and wooden bleachers will be replaced. The ceiling will be repaired and painted. Learn more>>
Start: Feb. 2020
End: Nov. 2020
IHS Welcome Center Renovations
The high school's main office will be relocated to Activities, which will be renovated into a new welcome center. Learn more>>
Start: Mar. 2020
End: Oct. 2020
Moresco Stadium Upgrades
The turf field, bleachers, and press box in Moresco Stadium will be replaced, and the stadium's athletic track will be resurfaced. Learn more>>
Start: Apr. 2020
End: 2021
IHS J Building Renovations
The high school's current main office and adjacent areas (J building) will be renovated into a wellness suite with guidance, nursing, and psychologist offices, as well as a flexible classroom area. Learn more>>
Start: May 2020
End: Oct. 2020
IHS Courtyard Security
The breezeway between the high school's main gym and the current main office (J building) will be secured in order to restrict unauthorized access to the school's courtyard. Learn more>>
Start: Jun. 2020
End: Oct. 2020
Transportation Department Paving- Completed
The gravel lot at the transportation garage will be paved in order to improve safety, efficiency, and building storage conditions. Learn more>>
Start: May 2020
End: Aug. 2020
South Hill Elementary Roofing Replacement - Completed
South Hill received a new roofing membrane, as well as thicker roof insulation that meets new energy code requirements. Learn more>>
Start: May 2020
End: Aug. 2020
Caroline Septic System Replacement
The septic system at Caroline Elementary School has reached the end of its useful life and will be replaced. Learn more>>
Start: June 2020
End: Sept. 2020
Elementary Main Entrance Upgrades
Belle Sherman, Beverly J. Martin, and Enfield elementary schools will receive main entrance upgrades to improve building security. Learn more>>
Start: June 2020
End: Oct. 2020
Phase I Construction Starting in 2021
Improvements to Varsity Baseball Field
The baseball field at Boynton Middle School will receive upgrades and repairs to improve surface drainage.
Start: May 2021
End: Aug. 2021
Elementary Main Entrance Upgrades
Fall Creek, Northeast, and Cayuga Heights elementary schools will receive main entrance upgrades to improve building security. 
Start: Jun. 2021
End: Aug. 2021
IHS York Hall Renovation
York Lecture Hall will be renovated into two flexible learning areas that better support the varied educational needs of students and staff.
Start: Jun. 2021
End: Dec. 2021