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All Ithaca City School District schools are closed through the end of the academic year.

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Anti-Marginalization Units of Study

Anti-marginalization curricular units of study (case studies and projects) are inquiry-based; involve original research, fieldwork, and collaboration with experts; require students to synthesize learning from multiple disciplines; and are in service to the community (global and/or local). The units are developmentally appropriate and touch on multiple forms of oppression, including gender, socioeconomic, disability, and race.
The ICSD’s anti-marginalization curriculum supports young people in their development of anti-racist understandings and practices. The curriculum involves specific approaches to learning, with all students engaged in critical thinking, differentiated instruction, cooperative learning, and collaborative grouping.
Anti-Marginalization Curriculum Learning Targets:
  • I can recognize and respond to complex issues of identity, diversity, prejudice, and power in learning communities.
  • I can explain how marginalization is constructed at an individual and institutional level.

Click on the thumbnails below to learn more about our different anti-marginalization units of study!
Who is in the story? anti-marginalization case study

Who is in the Story?
A Case Study About Columbus

Randi Beckmann
Belle Sherman, First Grade

Who is included? anti-marginalization case study

Who is Included?
Cultural Biases in the ICSD Calendar

Chris Barley
South Hill, Fourth Grade

Simnia Singer-Sayada
LACS Equity Teacher Leader

I have something to say. anti-marginalization case study

I Have Something to Say:
The Ways We Communicate

Sarah Gregory
South Hill, Pre-K

life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness case study

Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness:
Effects of Mass Incarceration

Valerie Evans
Boynton, Sixth Grade

learning my history; a history of learning case study

Learning My History;
A History of Learning

Erin Hammes
Cayuga Heights, Fourth Grade

fantastic plastic? case study

Fantastic Plastics?

Taura McMeekin
Enfield, Third Grade

Give Me Some Skin case study

Give Me Some Skin
A Case Study About Skin Tone

Allison Deutsch Andersen
Fall Creek, Kindergarten

Standing Up For Justice case study

Standing Up for Justice
Movements for Civil Rights

Cindy Kramer
Boynton, Eighth Grade
"Why Do I Think This Way" case study

Why Do I Think This Way?

Caren Arnold
Northeast, Second - Fourth Grade
intersectionality graphic

Language and Labels:
Identity and Intersectionality

Sarah Gregory
South Hill, Pre-K - First Grade

non-binary gender graphic

Pronouns, Flags, and Feeling Safe

Valerie Evans
Boynton, Sixth - Eighth Grade