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The following bus route is delayed today, March 31, until 9 AM:
Rt 59 Belle Sherman/Boynton/IHS


Transportation Solutions: How We Can Help


Transportation Liaisons

Belle Sherman
Alex Scher
Beverly J. Martin
Larry Cutler
Kim Lattin
Cayuga Heights
Eva Beaver
Katie Everhart
Fall Creek
Jamie Driscoll
Samantha Little
Julie Humble
South Hill
Carla Strong
Angela Knight
Susan Danskin
Lisa Gervais
Ithaca High
Barbara Bergman


Carpooling (Ridesharing) for Activities and Events

Contact your Transportation Liaison for more information about families sharing rides.

Ridesharing Logo

Rides for Caregivers to School Meetings

Click here to request a RED RIDE
or call (607) 659-5003
(requesting a week in advance really helps)

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Transfer Buses - Athletics
LACS Boynton/IHS 1st bus in lineup
Boynton DeWitt Route 60
DeWitt Boynton/IHS Route 77
EAC Boynton/DeWitt Route 73

Click here to download >>

Transfer buses to DeWitt will be held until LACS/EAC bus drops off

Do You Live in Overlook Apartments?

You can now get to Enfield Elementary by taking a TCAT to Cayuga Medical Center and transferring for free to a Route 6 Schuyler County bus to West Enfield via Rt. 79. Click on the map below to view arrival and departure times.

Schuyler County bus route 6 map

Ithaca Bikeshare is here!

If you are 12 or older, welcome aboard! Here’s how to enjoy this fun new way to get around Ithaca:

  • Download the free IthacaBikeShare mobile app on your smartphone (or tablet)
  • Review terms of service with your parent/caregiver 
  • Rent the eBike using a bank card (required at this time)
    • Ithaca Bikeshare’s eBikes are bright white and parked in many places (there’s an eBike parking hub at Ithaca High School)
    • There are several rate plans that can save you money, including Easy Access for qualifying incomes.
  • Don’t forget your helmet! If you haven't gotten one yet, ask your school's Transportation Liaison for one. The main office can help.
  • Ride where you want and return your eBike by parking it anywhere within the service area (marked on the app).

Are you facing an uphill climb? Try an eBike!

Ithaca Bikeshare

eBike safe riding tips [video]:
Free TCAT Bus Passes

All TCAT bus routes are NOW FREE for everyone from birth until you exit high school! TCAT can often get you to & from sports, rehearsals, tutoring, counseling, meetings, etc, promoting overall student success and happiness. Each bus can load up to 3 bikes on its front racks. TCAT is transitioning to electric buses causing less climate damage. Routes reach the beautiful gorges & trails! Printed bus schedules are available. Starting fall of 2022, TCAT will require a FreeRyde pass (at no cost) for all youth ages 14 & up (to distinguish them from adults). Ask your school’s Transportation Liaison or view the FreeRyde brochure for more info.  

Check out

You Helped Cards

Free admission to up to 10 ICSD events for Parent Rideshare Coordinators and those who consistently support carpooling (ridesharing).

You Helped Punch Cards