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Business Services


ICSD Business Office Contacts

Amanda Verba
Chief Operations Officer
Angela Jordan
Principal Account Clerk
Grant Funds, WinCap Training/Questions, Budget Questions
607-274-2116 (71306)
Emily Shipe
Treasurer + Insurance Administrator
Grant Funds, WinCap Training/Questions, Budget Questions, Employee Benefits
607-274-2110 (71310)
Terri Nunez
Senior Account Clerk Typist
Transfers, BOCES Enrichment, BOCES Printing, Budget Codes for Timesheets, Budget Appropriations
607-274-2123 (71303)
Marta Costa Potter
Account Clerk Typist
Mileage Reimbursements, Travel Authorities, Vendors - W-9s, Amazon, Workers Comp. Paperwork
607-274-2121 (71301)
Ted Rohm
District Registrar
District Registrar (any student-related issues) - located in the IHS Welcome Center
607-274-2201 (71901)

BOCES Central Business Office (CBO) Contacts

Accounts Payable

Debi Brown
Accounts Payable Clerk
607-257-1555, ext. 1067
Ron Campbell
Payroll Clerk
Teachers, Admins, Managers/Confidentials, Hourly
607-257-1555, ext. 1062
Kalleigh Johnson
Substitute Teacher Timesheets
607-257-1555, ext. 1059
Jacquie Breeds
Payroll Coordinator
Service Employees
607-257-1555, ext. 1061

CiTi BOCES Contacts

Enrichment Services

Arts-In-Education Request Form
Will Jones
Amy Skinner
School Tax Code
The Ithaca City School District tax code for income filing is 305. View all NYS school district codes here