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The following bus route is delayed today, March 31, until 9 AM:
Rt 59 Belle Sherman/Boynton/IHS


Business Services


ICSD Business Office Contacts

Amanda Verba
Chief Operations Officer
Sydney Wade
Assistant School Business Executive
Grant Funds, WinCap Training/Questions, Budget Questions
607-274-2116 (71306)
Emily Shipe
Treasurer + Insurance Administrator
Grant Funds, WinCap Training/Questions, Budget Questions, Employee Benefits
607-274-2110 (71310)
Terri Nunez
Senior Account Clerk Typist
Transfers, BOCES Enrichment, Budget Codes for Timesheets, Budget Appropriations
607-274-2123 (71303)
Marta Costa Potter
Account Clerk Typist
Mileage Reimbursements, Travel Authorities, Vendors - W-9s, Amazon, Workers Comp. Paperwork
607-274-2121 (71301)
Debi Brown
Accounts Payable Clerk
607-274-2101 (71311)
Ted Rohm
District Registrar
District Registrar (any student-related issues) - located in the IHS Welcome Center
607-274-2201 (71901)
Connie Tallmadge
Account Clerk Typist
District Tax Collection, Mail, Bid Coodinator, BOCES Printing, Paper Orders
607-274-2217 (71305)

BOCES Central Business Office (CBO) Contacts


Kalleigh Johnson
Substitute Teacher Timesheets
607-257-1555 (1059)
Lorna Ramey
Service Employee Timesheets
607-257-1555 (1055)

CiTi BOCES Contacts

Enrichment Services

Utilizing Instructional Support Services Through CiTi BOCES
Will Jones
Amy Skinner
School Tax Code
The Ithaca City School District tax code for income filing is 305. View all NYS school district codes here