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Athletics & Wellness



Athletics Office
1401 N Cayuga St
Samantha Little
Director of Athletics and Wellness

Emily Smith
Administrative Assistant

Updates and Announcements

Purchase Ithaca Athletics Gear
Our new online stores will be open through December 6th. Get your Ithaca Athletics gear today!
Winter Sports Information
Tryout Schedule: See the 2021-2022 Interest Meeting & Tryout Schedule (second tab of the spreadsheet) for tryout dates, times, and locations for all JV and Varsity winter sports beginning Monday, November 15th.

Spectator Expectations

  • Masks are required at all times, regardless of vaccination status
  • 4 spectators per ICSD scholar and coach; 2 spectators per opponent scholar and coach

Helpful Resources

Visit our Winter Sports Information page for additional details!

Reminder for Scholars Attending Athletic Contests
We appreciate our scholars supporting athletic contests and our school community. Please be mindful that scholars are not to stay after school to wait for an athletic contest to start. Scholars need to leave campus and arrive on campus prior to the start of the athletic contest. Thank you!
ICSD Practices Closed to Public
ALL ICSD practices are closed to the public. This includes all indoor and outdoor practices, including those at Cass Park. While you are waiting to pick up your scholar-athlete, please remain in your vehicle and do not wait along the fences, in lobbies, or enter the playing field/building.
Transfer Buses to IHS
DeWitt: Routes 60 and 77
LACS: First bus in the lineup
Cass Park: Route 77
EAC: Route 14

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Public Use of Tennis Courts
As of September 9th, the IHS tennis courts are closed to the public at the following times:
  • Monday-Friday, 9 AM - 6:30 PM
  • Saturday, 9-11 AM
Sports Physical Information
If the 12-month period for the physical expires during a sports season, participants may complete the season as long as a health history was conducted prior to the season. For example, a physical conducted on August 1 would be valid through August 31. If a student plays beyond August (ex. football), the student may complete that sports season as long as an interval health history was conducted before the start of the season. Immediately following the last sanctioned tournament competition for that season, a new physical is required if the student is going to play another sport. Please remember that the sports season includes tryouts."
Source: Memo: Sports Physicals - Updated Information Regarding Sports Physicals (12/2000)

The NYS Center for School Health has a dedicated page on Athletics, which would be good to bookmark.

"I Do My Part..."
ICSD Scholar-Athletes created a video to share the many ways they keep our community safe and why they are grateful to do their part to keep our athletic programming up and running!

View the video here:

"Always Ithaca" Alumni Spotlights
Our alumni spotlight series called "Always Ithaca" helps to remind current student-athletes that, despite these difficult times, the red and gold run deep and the ICSD family remains strong. 

Click here to view the Always Ithaca alumni spotlights!

Staff Wellness
December Wellness NewsletterCheck out the December 2021 wellness newsletter for tips on how to celebrate the holidays safely and reduce your holiday stress, a slow cooker beef stew recipe, and more! To view previous issues of Live Well, Work Well, visit our Staff Wellness Updates webpage.

For more updates and resources, check out our staff wellness page.

Capital Project Construction
The Ithaca High School pool and Moresco Stadium are currently under construction, receiving significant upgrades and repairs through the district's 2019 Capital Project. Click on the images below to learn more!
pool construction web button
Moresco Stadium construction web button
Moresco Stadium
baseball field construction web button
Baseball Field

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