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June 6 Update Regarding Masks
Masks are still required indoors, with continued exceptions for eating, drinking, and mask breaks. When outdoors, individuals no longer need to be masked. More >>

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Fine and Performing Arts



Daphne Shululu
Director of Fine and Performing Arts


Fine and Performing Arts recognizes that the study of music, art, and theatre inspires learning, critical thinking, identity development, and strong communities. We celebrate the authentic selves of all students and work to cultivate loving relationships through anti-racist, inclusive, culturally responsive practices. Students explore their artistic voices and hone their skills in music, art, and theatre through authentic performance opportunities in school and in the community.


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"Variations on a Korean Folk Song" Virtual Performance
In observance of Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month in May, the Bands of Ithaca High School produced a virtual performance of "Variations on a Korean Folk Song" by John Barnes Chance. The video will also be used, along with the Sir Duke Inspiration Project, as part of the Cayuga Chamber Orchestra's 2nd-grade outreach program.
"Amazing Grace" Virtual Performance
Amazing Grace is a virtual performance single performed by the IHS choir and the Dorothy Cotton Jubilee singers as part of a four-month collaboration with the group. This single was performed as part of the "Lost and Found" concert on March 26th. 
"Reimagining" Virtual Gallery
Art, music and theatre students have a story to tell. Through the enduring spirit of self-expression, students have physically and psychologically reimagined a way to make music, art and theatre in 2020-2021. Despite great loss, value was found in community, identity, connections, resilience, solidarity, hope. “Reimagining” is a virtual exhibition of the silver linings, the power of stepping out of the box, recognizing the boundless, healing power of artistic expression, and highlighting what we value:

IHS Choir and Dorothy Cotton Jubilee Singers Release Virtual Performance of "Glory"
The Ithaca High School Choir and the Dorothy Cotton Jubilee Singers release a stunning virtual performance of "Glory" by John Legend, Common, and Rhymefest in celebration of Black Lives Matter at School and Black History Month. This work is the result of a four-month collaboration with the IHS Choir and the DCJS involving monthly in-class community development sessions with lessons about the African American spiritual and gospel music, and discussions surrounding representation, anti-racism, bias, and allyship. More >>
Cayuga Chamber Orchestra announces “Bridging the Gap”
The Cayuga Chamber Orchestra announces the successful launch of “Bridging the Gap,” an educational initiative with Lansing, DeWitt and Boynton middle schools made possible by a generous grant from the Legacy Foundation. The “Bridging the Gap” program was created to support the instrumental programs of area middle schools during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Through online coaching sessions led by CCO musicians and mentoring sessions led by high school members of the CCO Youth Orchestra, the program aims to provide additional instruction, motivation, and inspiration. More >>
ICSD Educators Partner with Ithaca College to Design Virtual Music Projects
Eleven ICSD music teachers are partnering with 22 Ithaca College preservice music teachers to design virtual music projects using an online collaborative sound recording program, Soundtrap. The music teachers participated in professional development workshops this fall, after the district procured subscriptions for students to access the online recording software. Beginning in February, ICSD music students will participate in songwriting activities, chamber music projects, and large virtual ensembles in cloud-based musical collaborations with their peers. Ithaca College students have been using Soundtrap since moving to fully-remote instruction in March 2020, producing both large-scale productions and smaller projects. Ithaca College Music Education students will draw on their experiences using Soundtrap to assist in ICSD projects in the spring, facilitating synchronous and asynchronous projects in general music, band, strings, and choral settings throughout the district.

Pathways for Studying Music, Art, and Theatre

Visual Art
Music Instruction K-7 Art Instruction K-7
Choir 6-12 Media Arts 7-12
Band 4-12 Ceramic Arts 9-12
Orchestra 3-12 Digital Photography 9-12
Music Production 9-12 Studio Art 6-12
Music Production
Middle School Play Music Production 9-12
Middle School Musical Applied Music Production 9-12
Middle School Variety Show  
HS Drama & Student-Directed One-Acts  
HS Musical Technical Theater Club  

Course Details

Music and Art Instruction (K-12)
Expressive art and music instruction K-7 provide students opportunities for furthering their understanding of core concepts through the arts while also deepening student’s identities as artists through creating, performing, responding, and connecting to art and music.
Soul of the Earth exhibit
Instrumental Music: Band & Orchestra (3-12)
The band and orchestra programs begin in elementary school and provide students opportunities to further their musical identities through studying a band or strings instrument. In addition to weekly lessons, students rehearse, play, and perform with their peers in small and large ensembles with authentic field performance experiences.
Visual and Media Art (8-12)
Students may further their identities as visual artists through studying studio arts, media arts, ceramic arts, and photography.
Theatre (6-12)
Opportunities to study theater, both drama and musicals, cultivate student voice, agency, and the craft theatrical storytelling. Student leadership opportunities in assembling the theatrical productions from theatrical design to production crew.
IHS Production of The Jury 2019

Virtual Performances

Virtual Performances Playlist

DeWitt Band Virtual Family Event
A wonderful example of students and staff finding silver linings and building community with music.