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Fine and Performing Arts



Daphne Shululu
Director of Fine and Performing Arts

The Fine and Performing Arts Department is comprised of programs in art, music, theatre, and dance. We have a strong and rich tradition of traditional and modern initiatives in the arts. We embrace the ideals that all students are welcome and can play an important part in the success of Ithaca Fine and Performing Arts.


NYSSMA Selects Original Composition by Ithaca's Rubenstein-Miller for Inclusion in Honors Concert
The New York State School Music Association (NYSSMA) has selected Ithaca freshman Ezri Rubenstein-Miller's original composition, Waltz D in minor for mixed chamber ensemblefor inclusion in the 22nd Annual Young Composer & Songwriter Honors Concert. Rubenstein-Miller is one of just 11 students in the state to achieve this honor. Read more>>

Philosophy of Arts Education

Art education is essential to the education of each individual as a complex and unique human being and as a singular but connected part of a larger whole.

Through the arts, students will experience, practice and recognize the visual process as a way of knowing the world and understanding their own individual learning process.  Art offers students the opportunity for self-expression, to communicate in a visual, universal language and to make connections across cultures, across time and across disciplines. Art encourages the principle of life-long learning by developing creative pathways and attitudes of experimentation.  It allows for ongoing personal reflection and assessment through the act of discovery within the creative process.

Art education provides experiences in problem solving, decision-making, risk-taking, critical, intuitive and divergent thinking.  The process of creating art encourages and demands diverse outcomes and provides the world with creative, innovative thinking in all fields of study. We value uniqueness of the individual and believe that students should develop their own vision while learning about and accepting individual differences and the way that people perceive, respond and comprehend their own world.