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Middle School Math Transition

Welcome! Boynton and DeWitt Middle Schools have both transitioned to a heterogeneous math model in grades 6 and 7. We offer Algebra I and Math 8 for students in grade 8. Below are resources to support students and families as they make decisions about 8th grade. 

Middle School Math Night

On March 22, 2021, educators held a family session to explore the path ahead and take questions. 

Course Decisions

All course options, from grades 6-8:


Math Learning Standards

All learning standards are important in 7th grade math, and there are some which we’ve identified as “priority” standards for 7th grade to help us determine who would be a good fit for Algebra I in 8th grade. 

If an 8th grader would like to take Algebra I in 8th grade, they will need to take a companion course to ensure that they have solid foundations in 8th grade concepts. Here are the options for when to take this companion course:
  • Summer
  • During the school day
  • Before school
  • After school
  • Never because the student tested out
These are the learning standards that will be addressed in the companion course: