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Food Science

Food science class
Students prepare food together
Students work together in class
Student examines their work

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School: Ithaca High School

Class(s): Food Science

Grade(s):  11 and 12

Subject(s): Science

Class: What are some of the different ways humans preserve food? What is the science behind making cheese, and how can we do that ourselves? What is the maillard reaction, and why do we love it so? These are just some of the driving questions behind this new class at Ithaca High School. The one semester course provides students with a basic understanding of ingredients and techniques that are used to make the food we enjoy. Topics explored include our sense of taste, fermentation, egg-based foods, yogurt and cheese making, and molecular gastronomy. The role of chemistry in cooking is highlighted through studying bottled water, emulsions, flash point of oils, and other reactions. Students work in cooperative groups to explore, research, understand, and create food products. Through lecture, group activities, lab work, and research projects students encounter this rich and engaging topic, and carry this knowledge into their homes and futures!


Fieldwork: Students tour and investigate Coltivare, local farm to table restaurant.