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Genius Hour

Students volunteer to collect trash
Group photo of student volunteers
Students meet for lunch
Student peers under rock
Volunteer selfie

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School: Boynton Middle School

Class: Enrichment, Second Semester

Grade: 6

Subjects: Integrated across subjects, Responsive to student choice

Project: Genius Hour is a project-based learning activity that invites Boynton students to explore their own passions. It encourages creativity in the classroom and promotes inquiry, perseverance, problem solving, and innovation among other life skills. Genius Hour at Boynton provides students a choice in what they learn during a set period of time during school. Students go through a cycle of working to understand topics, ideas, or problems to be solved that are important to them and use experts, technology, and other forms of research to build new knowledge. Through this exploration and inquiry - in small groups and as individuals - students plan a presentation or implement an action. Students work with teachers to set goals, assess progress, and mark their achievement. Finally, they work to present their learning in a public way. 

Standards: Many subjects are integrated into the class, Dependant on the project students define and bring to fruition

Service Learning: Service learning is emphasized, Looks different for every student

Experts/Local Connections: Students reach out to local experts to support their inquiry and projects