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About Ithaca High

Long ago in the 1830's, formal education in Ithaca took place at the Ithaca Academy. It was a private preparatory school for entry into college. By 1859 it was the largest school of its kind in the state with 345 students.

The Ithaca Academy became a public school in 1875. In 1884 a larger building was erected on the same site for public education, but it was completely destroyed by fire in February of 1912. Classes were held in homes until the new building was opened in 1914. This facility would be large enough to hold 1,500 students (it is now the DeWitt Building that houses apartments and retail stores).

By fall of 1960, the present Ithaca High School campus was opened near the south end of Cayuga Lake. The campus complex welcomed 1,430 students.

Ithaca High School continues to evolve, adapting itself to the educational and social needs of the community. Today's school enjoys widespread admiration for its diversity, strong academics, and innovative education.

Ithaca High School strives to enable all students to develop their talents, abilities and interests. The comprehensive educational program provides preparation for students who either intend to continue their formal education beyond high school or enter the world of work.


Equity Statement

Ithaca High School strives to create opportunities for all students to develop, pursue, and demonstrate their talents, interests, and abilities. The school community continues to evolve and to adapt itself to ensure that all students and families are provided with avenues by which to participate in and contribute to the culture of our school.