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All Ithaca City School District schools are closed through April 15, 2020. Learn more>>

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Boynton Teams/Student Assignments

6 Earth
6 Wind
Osovski C203 Math   Wilcox C103 Math
Salibrici C205 Social Studies   Crawford C104 Social Studies
Kepic D205 Science   Korb D105 Science
Mantelli C204 English   Evans C102 English
Brazeau B201 Sp. Ed.   Kirsch D141 Sp. Ed.
Kirsch C206 Sp. Ed.   Guterman D207 AIS

7 Blue

7 Gold
Berman A106 English   Nichols, H A203 English
Carbone D103 Science   Benson D203 Science
Ballard A108 Social Studies   Schaup A204 Social Studies
Nichols, K. A107 Math   Phongsawath A205 Math
Jasinski D137 Sp. Ed.   White A201 Sp. Ed.
Flach C106 Sp. Ed.   Long C201 AIS

8 Bee

8 A
Troisi B202 Math   Cole B104 Math
Varga B203 English   Farrell, F. B103 English
Kramer B204 Social Studies   Corcoran B105 Social Studies
Gleed D201 Science   Wyckoff D101 Science
H-Singer B206 AIS   Frank B101 Sp. Ed.
Favreau B106 Sp. Ed.      
Cross Teams
Ciaza C101 Fr. Lang Csonka C202 Fr. Lang Little B102 Fr. Lang
Smith A202 Fr. Lang Murphy E110 Tech Peters E116 Tech
Allen E102 Band Lewis E102 Orch Parker E103 Music
Winans E101 Music Ianana FCS1 FCS Kornreich B205 Dig Lit
Booth Art2 Art Click Art1 Art Foley Library
McNally GymM PE Taylor GymM PE Palmer GymB PE
Thurmond A206 Sp. Ed. Knight C105 Health