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Smart Schools Bond Allocation

School Security Upgrades

The Ithaca City School District has installed new access control systems at all of our school buildings in order to regulate exterior entryways while maintaining a welcoming environment for members of the ICSD community.

When school is in session, all doors will remain locked during the school day. Visitors are asked to access buildings via the main entrance. An intercom system allows visitors to communicate with the main office and gain entry through a remote latching system. Once inside, guests continue with the typical visitor process, including signing in and receiving an identification badge.

The new systems allow for key card entry, tailored access privileges, scheduled door-locking mechanisms, phone integration, and lockout capabilities. Staff will be able to access buildings through new identification badges that will replace standard door keys.

Additionally, exterior video security cameras have been installed at all schools, and the interior video security system at Ithaca High School has been replaced and enhanced. The ICSD will not use the security cameras for surveillance purposes; rather, footage will only be accessed when issues or crises arise.

The improved security measures have been funded through a $2.5 million allocation from the New York State Smart Schools Bond Act.

For more information on the security upgrades and the new building access process, please refer to the below video.


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