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Accountability Metrics

NYSED Parent Dashboard

In 2020, the New York State Education Department (NYSED) launched a Parent Dashboard to increase transparency and make information about school performance and other school-level data easier for parents and the public to access. The Parent Dashboard features a clean, simple design to better provide parents with information about their child’s school.


ICSD Equity Report Card

In the Ithaca City School District, equity is a measure of results, not inputs. We will have achieved equity when all measures indicate an absence of disproportionality in participation and achievement in terms of race, class, disability, and gender. 

The ICSD Equity Report Card is a tool we use to monitor our progress towards achieving equity in twelve key measures of student achievement and engagement. It's a tool we use to help us think about and document the work we do to move us closer to this goal (for more information on the ICSD's plan to achieve equity, view our Equity Strategic Plan). We share this tool with you—our students, families, and community—as an invitation to join us in thinking about equity.


Goals and Priorities Surveys

Every year, the ICSD conducts surveys to gather student, parent/guardian, and community member perspectives on district operations, services and functions, school and community relationships, curriculum, facilities, communications, and more. Results from the annual Goals and Priorities Surveys provide us with a better understanding of our community's needs, and help us develop responsive action plans in order to better engage, educate, and empower all of our students. 

2019 Student Goals and Priorities Survey
Our 2019 Student Goals and Priorities Survey was open to all 5th-12th grade students from June 3 to August 8. The survey questions addressed seven main topics: teaching and learning; relationships with teachers; rigor and relevance; postsecondary success; climate and culture; opportunities for students; and support operations. 

The 2019 Student Goals and Priorities Survey had a response rate of 37 percent (1,111 students), and the demographic distribution of the participants is representative of that of our larger student body. Below you will find results and analysis from the survey, an infographic summarizing students' responses, and a presentation by ICSD Evaluation Officer Lynn Klankowski on key survey findings.

Board of Education presentation, October 22, 2019. View the corresponding slide show>>
Student Goals and Priorities Survey Results
Goals and Priorities Survey 2019
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Goals and Priorities Survey 2019
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