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The following bus route is delayed today, March 31, until 9 AM:
Rt 59 Belle Sherman/Boynton/IHS


About Cayuga Heights Elementary

Cayuga Heights Elementary School (CHES) is one of eight elementary schools in the Ithaca City School District. Built in 1956 and reopened after a few years' hiatus in 1989, the school is well equipped and maintained.

CHES has a talented and experienced staff, led by an involved and accessible principal. The staff supports educational innovation, while maintaining a traditional academic focus.

The school's 2.5 acre grounds, located in the Village of Cayuga Heights, include two complete playgrounds, a ball field, and a nature and fitness trail.

In addition to its substantial international population, CHES also has an English as a New Language Program.

Cayuga Heights Elementary School is committed to providing a secure and supportive environment where all students are encouraged to learn actively. We guide our students to the skills necessary for academic success, help them take scholarly and social initiatives, encourage them to take pride in achievement, and support them as they cultivate their imaginations and sense of social responsibility. We work to promote our children's understanding, acceptance, and appreciation of diversity within our school and thus prepare them for lifelong engagement with the world community.

Every day is a great day for learning at Cayuga Heights Elementary School!


Equity Statement

Our CHES community is safe, loving, and welcoming for all families. We validate and affirm the diverse stories of our students, families, and educators, and improve our learning community through open communication and collaboration, and by actively supporting all our wonderful families.