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ICSD WiFi Networks

The Technology Department provides two wireless networks on the ICSD campus: ICSD and ICSD-Guest. Both of these networks are filtered in compliance with CIPA,

ICSD Wifi Network

The ICSD wifi network is our privileged network with connections to internal ICSD network resources and out to the internet. This network is for use on official ICSD provided devices and seeks to provide a good quality of service so that our VOIP phones and cloud-based services like Google Drive function to a higher standard.

To connect to the ICSD network:
  • Use your ICSD username and password on an ICSD device
ICSD-Guest Wifi Network

This ICSD-Guest wifi network was designed to accommodate BYOD (bring your own device) and is for use with non-ICSD devices. This network provides access to the internet.

To connect to the ICSD-Guest network:
  • Connect to ICSD-Guest
  • Once connected, your default web-browser should open. If it doesn't, open a web-browser
  • You should be taken to the a log-in screen. Click on "Please click here to create a temporary account"
  • Enter your email address and other information, then submit the form
  • You will receive your credentials and a copy via email
  • Return to the log-in page on ICSD-Guest and log in