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DeWitt Main Entrance and Auditorium

Project Overview

As part of Phase 2 of the capital project, DeWitt is receiving main entrance upgrades to improve security and create a welcome area. The auditorium is also being renovated to improve performance, educational use, and the audience experience. The new performance area will be "zoned" for after-hours security. Some of the school's bathrooms are also being upgraded.
Construction Schedule
June 2022 - Sept 2023
April 2023 Status Update:
  • Mechanical units serving the toilet rooms near the offices will be installed after school is out for the summer.
  • Permanent FA devices are still awaiting receipt by the electrician.
  • Theatrical lighting rough-in has continued this period. Electrician found they were provided the incorrect box for connection by their vendor and is working to correct the issue.
  • Stage floor was completed.

Photos and Videos

middle school auditorium renos photo
(click to view more photos)

Check out our YouTube channel for more 2019 Capital Project construction videos!