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LACS Entrance and Outdoor Areas

Project Overview

As part of Phase 2 of the capital project, LACS is receiving upgrades to its main entrance in order to improve security and create a welcome area. Outdoor areas at the school are also being enhanced for student and community use. These include accessibility improvements to the amphitheater and lower-level exit, the addition of a basketball court, and an expansion/upgrade of the school's front entrance.
Construction Schedule
June 2022 - February 2023
September 2022 Status Update: Toilet rooms on the second floor were renovated - work remains (ceiling, lights, permanent fire alarm, permanent doors) but temporary measures are in place. Guidance and nurse areas had new mechanical infrastructure and ceilings installed. The corridor between the guidance are and the front entrance received a new ceiling. Black Box Theater had windows infilled and painted, and new duct runs were also installed. Mechanical equipment delivery for the Black Box Theater is delayed until sometime in the winter. Front entrance upgrade work was started - the area was demo’d and new foundation work started (anticipated completion is March 2023). Outdoor space upgrades, which include a new basketball court, upgraded site lighting, and walk paths on the north end of the building, were started. Click here to view more project status updates.

Photos and Videos

LACS main entrance and outdoor area improvements photo
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Construction Update Video