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ICSD Community Letter - May 25, 2022

Dear ICSD Community,

There are no words to express the horror of the most recent acts of violence in our country. The senseless, hate-filled deaths of children, teachers, shop-goers, and church-goers in predominantly Black, Latino, and Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) communities hurt our hearts. These events have become all too common, and yet we can never become desensitized to such despicable violence. 

As we process these tragedies, we must do so in community with each other. First, please check in with yourself and reflect. ICSD employees continue to have access to the Employee Assistance Program. If you are an adult supporting healing conversations, connect with other adults to process your own feelings and plan for discussions with students. Know that students with different identities and experiences will be reacting differently, and for some, these events are retraumatizing. Thus, cultivating safe spaces with community agreements is important. 

Talking with students about what they’re feeling and what they need is crucial. We will listen while giving students time and space to write, draw, and express their emotions. Start with students processing what information they have, then transition to exploring and understanding their emotions, and finally, connecting their experiences to the wider sociopolitical context. Doing so can allow students to start to process these horrific events.

As an educator, these resources have resonated with me:

Thank you for taking care of each other and focusing on young people right now.


Luvelle Brown