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ICSD Print Services

UPDATE January 2021:

Google is retiring their cloud printing service and so our ICSD chromebooks will begin using a new mobility print system. Details about this new printing system are available in this google doc:

Printing at ICSD is done through our leased Konica Minolta print centers. These devices are administered by the technology department and are serviced by Eastern (Xerox).

Access to these print centers is controlled by printing queues setup by the technology department. Instead of printing directly to printers, print jobs are held in print queues and release at the print centers themselves.


Print Queues (Konica Minolta)

Print Queues
  • Print jobs do not print until you are at the printer centers. This means you can send confidential print jobs to printers in common areas.
  • If a particular printer is not working or busy, you can just go to another printer in the building without re-sending the print job.
  • Print jobs will be held for 3.5 days so that you can print Friday afternoon or from home during the weekend and retrieve your jobs on Monday.
How to Send and Release Print Jobs

Step 1: Send Print Job to Queue

Instead of printing to individual printers and print centers (copiers), users will instead send their print jobs to a “print queue.” Each building will have a queue named XX-printing for windows users and XX-PrintQueue for chromebook users, where XX is the school code for your building (for example, South Hill's print queue is named "sh-printing"). 

Step 2: Release Print Job

Once you send your print job to a queue, you can go to an associated printer center and release your print job using the attached swipe device/key pad. Print jobs are released using a your staff ID card or by entering your student or employee ID number into the keypad. Students will need to use their 9-digit student ID numbers from SchoolTool in this new printing system (this is the same number they use to check out in the cafeteria).

How to Connect to Print Queues

The appropriate building queues should be automatically installed on PC computers. If you are not getting the queue(s), please submit a spiceworks ticket or follow the directions below to connect manually.

Connect on a Chromebook


Connect on PC

  1. Click the "Start" button. 
  2. Type \\print.
  3. Double-click the appropriate print queue(s).