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How Tos

How to Save Your ICSD Google Data

Unfortunately, Google prevents you from changing the ownership of Google files owned by your account to a personal @gmail account. Instead, use Google Takeout to download your data or make copies of shared documents with your personal account, or use the Google Migrator app.

Google Takeout
Google Takeout allows you to download your ICSD Google data, including Drive files, bookmarks, contacts, calendar items, and much more. 

ICSD Internal Phone Extensions
How to transfer one Google document at a time:
  1. Log into Google Drive with your ICSD account.
  2. Share the document with your personal Google account. 
  3. Log into your personal Google account and open Google Drive. Locate "Files shared with me" on the left-hand side.
  4. Open the file just shared, open the File menu, and then click "Make a Copy."
  5. The copy of the document will be owned by your personal account.
How to transfer many Google documents at once:
(video tutorial below)
  1. Log into Google Drive with your ICSD account.
  2. Move all the files you want to transfer to a specific folder and share that folder with your personal Google account.
  3. Log into Google Chrome with your personal Google account.
  4. Install the Chrome App named Drive Migrator.
  5. Open the Drive Migrator app and select the folder created earlier.
  6. After some processing (up to 24 hours in larger cases) a new folder will be created in your personal Google Drive account that has a copy of everything in the folder with your personal account as the owner.
  7. (Optional) You can then remove the old folder shared with your ICSD account.


How to Set Up Google Drive

Think of Google Drive as your stash of files and folders that follows you wherever you go. With Google Drive, you can access files, folders, and Google documents (such as Docs, Sheets, and Slides) from a web browser or any mobile device on which you've installed Google Drive.

Google Drive should be installed by default on all ICSD Mac or PC computers. To start using Google Drive, click on the Google Drive icon  on your PC system tray (lower right) or your Mac menu bar (top right). You will then be prompted to sign in with your ICSD Gmail username and password. 

With Google Drive, you can: 
  1. Sync and upload existing files to Drive.
  2. Set up offline access to Google Drive. Remove this step if you haven't enabled offline access for Chrome users in your organization.
  3. Access your files on your Android or iOS device (see: Google Drive on a mobile device).
How much storage do I have for Google Drive files?

You have unlimited storage to use for Drive, Gmail, and photos.

Where can I get more information about Google Drive?

To get started with Google Drive, visit the Google Apps Learning Center.


How to Set Printing Defaults on Mac or PC

The new printer installs with two-sided printing enabled in the default setting. Follow the directions below to change different printing and finishing options and then saved them. This is how you can send print jobs with stapling and other features.

Mac Printing Defaults

In OS X, a group of printing options can be saved as a “preset.” Both one-sided printing and finishing options can be configured for repeated use with presets.

  1. Open a document and click print.
  2. Select the print queue in question from the top drop-down.
  3. Click “Show Details” if needed.
  4. Click the third from the top drop-down menu (usually labeled with the name of the program being printed from) to reveal different sets of options.
  5. Select “Layout/Finish” from this drop-down menu. You can select 1-sided or 2-sided on the layout pane and stapling options on the finish pane.
  6. Once you’ve configured all the settings, click the button next to the word “presets,” which is usually called “Default Settings” and select “Save Current Settings as Preset.”
  7. Choose a name for your preset and save the preset “only for this printer.”
PC Printing Defaults
  1. Click the start menu and then click “devices and printers.”
  2. Right-click on the print queue in question and select “printing preferences.”
  3. If you would like to create multiple groups of settings, use the ADD button to the right of the “Favorite Setting” label. Otherwise, just make changes to the default settings by continuing below.
  4. On the “Layout” tab, you can change “Print Type” from 2-sided to 1-sided.
  5. On the “Finish” tab, you can select stapling and other finishing options.