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Food Service Staff

If you have a question or comment, or want to request an Account History Report on your child's account, please email or call the Manager/Supervisor of the school your child attends.

District Staff

Beth Krause, Director
(607) 274-2302

Michelle Yaple, Account Clerk
(607) 274-2117
Nichole Ward, Clerk

Elementary Cafeteria Staff

Belle Sherman

Rebecca Kenyon, Supervisor
(607) 274-2369

Belle Sherman Annex

Lisa Kirby, Supervisor

Beverly J. Martin

Nicole Tudi, Supervisor


Kathleen Seymour, Supervisor

Cayuga Heights

Barb Lower, Supervisor
(607) 257-8794


Erin Podufalski, Supervisor

Fall Creek

Karen Berggren, Supervisor


Michelle Chester, Supervisor

South Hill

Debra Beyer, Supervisor


Secondary Staff

Boynton Middle School

Jennifer Doolittle, Manager
(607) 274-2234

DeWitt Middle School

Nancy Smith, Manager

Lehman ACS

Jamie Zervos, Manager

Ithaca High School

Dan Pierce, Manager
(607) 274-2371