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COVID-19 Testing FAQs for Staff

What if I test positive on a home-administered test?
  • For Tompkins County residents: Immediately go to this website and follow the directions for reporting your positive test result:
  • For residents of other counties: Immediately go to your county website for details or contact your local health department for guidance.
  • Notify your supervisor that you have tested positive.
  • Self-isolate for the indicated period.

Does a positive result on a home-administered test qualify me for NYS COVID-19 leave?

No. NYS COVID-19 Leave only applies to official isolation orders associated with a PCR test. Any leave associated with a home-administered test will be charged to your leave time accruals.

Does this mean I should try to get a PCR test if I test positive on a home-administered test?

If you want to access NYS COVID-19 leave, then, yes. However, the health department is not recommending or requiring this, and by the time you sign up for a test and get the results back, your five-day isolation period may be concluded.

How does contact tracing work with a positive result on a home-administered COVID-19 test?

The county will not be conducting case investigations on home-administered positive test results, nor will they be requiring organizations, including schools, to conduct contact tracing of these positive individuals.

Will the ICSD be starting a test-to-stay program for those having COVID-19 exposures?

Not at this time. Currently, there are not enough tests available to create a consistent program. In addition, this requires additional personnel to administer that we do not have available.

Is the weekly testing mandate still in effect?

Yes. Those participating in the weekly COVID-19 testing need to continue to do so until the NYS DOH guidance changes.

Can a home-administered test be used for the weekly COVID-19 testing?

No. Only a test administered under approved laboratory conditions qualifies for the weekly testing. A home-administered test is for screening purposes only.

Is there a place where all of the information on any COVID-19 positive cases is kept where it can be accessed?

Yes. The ICSD reports all confirmed COVID-19 cases for students, teachers, and staff to the New York State Department of Health on every day that school is in session. The case numbers for each building, along with a breakdown of school-based testing of students and staff, can be viewed on the NYS COVID-19 School Report Card.

If I am a close contact to a COVID-19 positive person, do I still need to quarantine?

It depends. The CDC and NYSDOH require partially vaccinated and unvaccinated persons to self-quarantine. Vaccinated persons with symptoms must also self-quarantine. All others can continue to report to work unless they develop symptoms.

Can I test out of quarantine?

No. We are not doing test-to-stay for the reasons stated above.

Do vaccinations and booster shots have paid COVID leave time available, or do employees need to take personal accruals?

Initial COVID-19 vaccinations are eligible for up to 2 days leave time to access those services, and boosters are eligible for up to 1 day leave time.