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Weekly COVID-19 Case Summary and Communication - December 17, 2021

Dear Ithaca City School District Community,

During the week of Saturday, December 11, through Friday, December 17 (as of 4 p.m.), we confirmed 21 positive cases of COVID-19, including 15 student cases and 6 staff cases:

Belle Sherman 0 0
Beverly J. Martin 2 0
Boynton 1 0
Caroline 4 0
Cayuga Heights 0 0*
DeWitt 3 0
Enfield 1 1
Fall Creek 1 1
Ithaca HS 1 0
Lehman ACS 0 1
Northeast 1 1
South Hill 1 2

* There were two confirmed COVID-19 cases for collegiate interns

Most, if not all, of those identified as potential close contacts to the above cases have already been notified by the district, and the district has shared their information with the Tompkins County Health Department (TCHD). Please know that the TCHD is currently experiencing delays in case investigation calls for some positive cases and contact tracing. For more information about contact tracing and the ICSD’s role in supporting those efforts, please visit our website.

Meals are available at any school building from 9-11 a.m. each morning for students engaged in distance learning (unless the entire school is engaged in distance learning). Please go to the school’s front entrance and tell the clerical staff how many grab-n-go meals you need, and they will call the kitchen to ask what options are available that day (our kitchens will provide meals that meet students’ likes and needs as best they can). The clerical staff will then get the meal(s) from the kitchen to give to families. Please call 607-274-2302 if you need food delivered.

As a reminder, the ICSD reports all confirmed COVID-19 cases for students, teachers, and staff to the New York State Department of Health on every day that school is in session. The case numbers for each building can be viewed on the NYS COVID-19 School Report Card. In addition, screening testing resumed this week, and a breakdown of testing and results for students and staff will also be available on the NYS site.

Take care and stay safe.


Luvelle Brown