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Supporting Shifts to Virtual Learning During the 2021-2022 School Year

As we approach the winter break, we wish to pause and thank our educators for their constant flexibility as they pivot to support a variety of teaching scenarios. Below you will find the plan co-constructed with union leadership in late August. While we wish to be in person, at times we must pivot due to contact tracing or temporary emergency closure of a building. If your child has an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) and you wish to consult with their educational team on the Virtual Learning Plan in place, please contact your Educator for Inclusion found here.

  • Post assignments and resources digitally
    • All secondary classes use Canvas
    • Elementary classes use Seesaw or, in some cases for grades 3-5, Google Classroom
  • Post overview of class activities in clear digital location (e.g., daily, weekly, by unit, quarterly, yearly)
  • Post standard schedule in a digitally-available format
  • Post names and preferred contact information for classroom and support teachers digitally
  • Permanently post Google Meet link in clear location (to be used in an "all-virtual" scenario)

All in-person - class meets as usual

  • Teachers should always be thinking and planning curriculum and instruction to facilitate shifts to the other instructional models outlined below. This may include simplifying instructional routines, clarifying methods of communication (using Canvas and establishing a permanent Google Meet link), and prioritizing assignments that will transition well to multiple modalities.

Teacher is temporarily virtual and most students are in-person

  • Call in for a substitute teacher.
    • If you are well and can work, you may teach/engage with the class remotely. The office will look for a substitute or coverage to supervise the students in the physical classroom.
      • If a substitute or coverage can't be found, a building or district administrator may transition the entire class to virtual learning.
    • If you are not well or can’t work, write substitute plans and take the day off, as per your contract or the FAQs.

Teacher is in-person and some students are temporarily virtual

  • Students will follow the "enrolled, in-person student on temporary remote assignment" plan.
    • Students will access asynchronous learning through the digital platforms for their level.
    • At the secondary level, depending on the length of time, the students will be assigned an alternative instructor to support them with their asynchronous learning.
  • Educators may use their professional discretion to determine appropriate instruction for the day.
    • Educators are not expected to conduct a “hybrid/concurrent class” in these situations. If an educator chooses to engage digitally with a student or group of students, this shall not set precedent for themselves or other educators.

All virtual

  • Students should check their Digital Learning Management System (Canvas, Google Classroom, or SeeSaw) for notifications, materials, and the permanent Google Meet link. The class will occur at its regular instructional time at the secondary level, and this can include a combination of asynchronous and synchronous instruction at teacher discretion.