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Positive Staff Case of COVID-19 at Beverly J. Martin Elementary School

October 18, 2021

Dear Beverly J. Martin Elementary School Community, 

The Tompkins County Health Department (TCHD) has confirmed 1 positive staff case of COVID-19 at Beverly J. Martin Elementary School. This message is being sent to all BJM staff, and all families who have a student attending BJM. Unless you receive a communication from the District that your child may be a close contact, you do not need to take further action at this time. We are in the process of notifying all those individuals who may be close contacts that we will be sharing their information with the TCHD and that public health nurses will follow up with them to make a final determination and discuss quarantine. Again, if a student is identified as a close contact, you receive an additional message that states your child is considered a close contact. Any individual who is quarantined will engage in distance teaching and learning throughout their quarantine period.

For more information about contact tracing and the ICSD’s role in supporting those efforts, please visit our website. Take care and stay safe. 


Luvelle Brown