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Dear Parents/Guardians,

At Ithaca City School District (ICSD), we believe it’s critical to prepare our students for life beyond the classroom -- this means that as leaders and educators, we must be forward-thinking and prepared to transform our teaching methods as technology advancements develop. I’m thrilled to share that ICSD is on the forefront of the evolving digital learning environment as we transition into a Google Apps for Education (GAFE) district. Additionally, beginning in September 2015, the ICSD will provide each student (grades 4-12) with a district-managed Chromebook. This 1:1 initiative will provide equitable access to digital learning tools, and will allow for a sustainable, low-cost, and manageable approach to instructional technology throughout the district.

We are pleased to empower our students with access to the powerful GAFE resources, as well as Chromebooks. Thank you in advance for your support in helping us educate children on how to care for and utilize technology appropriately.
Dr. Luvelle Brown
Superintendent of Schools
Ithaca City School District
(607) 274-6845
Dear ICSD Community,

Preparing young learners for the future stands as an enduring goal for all who endeavor to play a role in the educational process. The Ithaca City School District is consistently recognized for its innovative approach in providing engaging learning environments, impassioned and dedicated teachers, and a learning community of 6000+ Thinkers.

Acknowledging change and recognizing the needs of the future serve as guides in strategically developing transformative, challenging, and immersive learning experiences for our children. The ability to communicate, collaborate, and think creatively are necessary 21st-century skills and integral to achieving success in the Digital Age.

In an effort to provide students with effective learning tools, the Ithaca City School District will provide every fourth- through twelfth-grade student with a Chromebook beginning in the fall of 2015. Chromebooks are being used in many districts throughout the nation and have proven to be a powerful learning tool and a way of providing digital equity.

It is my hope and belief that through this learning endeavor, the outstanding dedication of our 6000+ Thinkers, and the support of the community, we will continue to lead the way in engagement, empowerment, and education.

Zachary Lind
Chief Information Officer
Ithaca City School District