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School Contacts

The principal and Educator of Inclusion (EI) of each of our schools are listed below. For additional contacts, please refer to our Staff Directory.

Elementary Schools

Belle Sherman
(607) 274-2206
Principal: Jeffrey Tomasik
EI: Erin Hammes
Beverly J. Martin
(607) 274-2209
Principal: Susan Eschbach
EI: Bart Auble
(607) 539-7155
Principal: Kristin Herman
EI: Beth Snyder
Cayuga Heights
(607) 257-8557
Principal: Lisa Sahasrabudhe
EI: Beth Snyder
(607) 274-2221
Principal: Keith Harrington
EI: Jennifer Gondek
Fall Creek
(607) 274-2214
Principal: Caitlin Bram
EI: Bart Auble
(607) 257-2121
Principal: Liddy Coyle
EI: Lisa Rieger
South Hill
(607) 274-2129
Principal: Perry Gorgen
EI: Erin Hammes


Secondary Schools

Boynton Middle School
(607) 274-2241
Principal: Lauren Wright
EI: Karen Rachetta
DeWitt Middle School
(607) 257-3222
Principal: Carlan Gray
EI: Tara Caiza
(607) 274-2183
Principal: Deb Ptak
EI: Lisa Rieger
Ithaca High School
(607) 274-2143
Principal: Jason Trumble
EI: Margie Shaw