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July 30 Update Regarding Mask-Wearing on ICSD Campuses
The TCHD is issuing a Health Advisory encouraging all residents, regardless of vaccination status, to wear a mask while indoors around others, thus masking is universally in effect while indoors, on ICSD campuses. Masking remains optional outdoors.

Ithaca Children's Garden and ICSD Transportation Staff Deliver Container Garden Kits to Students

Last month, the Ithaca Children’s Garden (ICG) sent home Container Garden kits to all students participating in the ICSD Farm to Table program this summer.

Each kit contains a 6-pack of basil, nasturtium, kale, and chard baby plants, a 5-gallon container, potting soil mixed with worm casting, and a guide to setting up and caring for the Container Garden. The ICG also has also posted videos and other activities on their website to help students and families learn more about growing their own vegetables.

This initiative was made possible by a Farm to Table grant, the Ithaca Children’s Garden, and ICSD transportation staff, who delivered the Container Garden kits to families’ homes.

ICG prepares container garden kits for students
ICG prepares container garden kits for students
ICSD transportation staff deliver container garden kits to students