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This form will only load when you are on the ICSD campus and connected to the ICSD wifi network. This form is not for student use.

Use this form to reset your ICSD Active Directory staff Password. For more information about your ICSD Active Directory account, click here.

Note: The password reset tool below will suggest a very complex password. As an alternative, we recommend you use several, unrelated words to make the root of your password and then add numbers or special characters as needed. For example, RoofJulyKettleLink6. 
Here are the rules for your password:
  • It must be 10 or more characters long.
  • It must include 3 of the following 
    • lower case letters
    • upper case letters
    • numbers
    • special characters like @#$%&*
  • the password cannot include parts of your username or name
  • it cannot be changed to a previous password
If you are having trouble with the form and need assistance with your password, please call the staff help desk (607) 882-9555.