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Mask-Wearing on ICSD Campuses
As of August 20, masks are required indoors on ICSD campuses, regardless of vaccination status. Masks are required outdoors when one cannot maintain 6 feet of distance.

School Principals

Elementary Principals

Belle Sherman

Jeff Tomasik
Email: JTomasik
Phone: 274-2206
School Website

Beverly J. Martin

Susan Eschbach
Email: susan.eschbach
Phone: 274-2209
School Website


Kristin Herman
Email: kristin.herman
Phone: 539-7155
School Website

Cayuga Heights

Lisa Sahasrabudhe
Email: lsahasra
Phone: 257-8557
School Website


Keith Harrington
Email: kharring
Phone: 274-2221
School Website

Fall Creek

Caitlin Bram
Email: caitlin.bram
Phone: 274-2214
School Website


Liddy Coyle
Email: eallee
Phone: 257-2121
School Website

South Hill

Perry Gorgen
Email: perry.gorgen
Phone: 274-2129
School Website

Secondary Principals


Lauren Wright
Email: lauren.wright
Phone: 274-2241
School Website


Carlan Gray
Email: cgray
Phone: 257-3222
School Website


Deb Ptak
Email: deborah.ptak
Phone: 274-2183
School Website

Ithaca High

Jason Trumble
Email: jtrumble
Phone: 274-2143
School Website