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#ReopenICSD Gallery

During the fall of 2020, we invited the ICSD community to participate in our #ReopenICSD messaging campaign and share creative expressions around three themes: 
  • #WhyIWearAMask
    What motivates you to wear a mask?
  • #WhatSchoolMeansToMe
    How has the school closure or the COVID-19 pandemic made you think about your relationship to school?
  • #ItsUp2UsIthaca
    What are you doing to stop the spread of COVID-19?
Check out "Behind the Mask" by Hip Hop Public Health! #WhyIWearAMask

Content submitted through the messaging campaign is housed here, in our #ReopenICSD gallery, and some will be displayed in our buildings to encourage our community to reopen in ways that are safe, inclusive, and anti-racist.

IHS Library
IHS library staff wearing masks
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IHS Library Staff
Ithaca High School
The South Hill Family

Ross Mizrahi, Music Teacher
South Hill Elementary
The Cup Song/Ljubav

Ross Mizrahi's Music Students
4th and 5th Grade (2019-2020)
South Hill Elementary
Ithaca Athletics
Ithaca Athletics mask photo
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Travion Brooks
12th Grade
Ithaca High School
We Keep Going / Corona 2020
Vitamin L
ICSD Alumni and
Community Members
Stop Corona
John Clarke Jr.
9th Grade
Ithaca High School
Face Mask Project
Ms. Ana Goldsmith's Art Classes