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Voting as an Act of Anti-Marginalization

How do I vote? Why vote? What are the barriers to voting? How can we encourage greater voter participation?
Case Study at a Glance
In this project-based unit, students will learn about voting, engage in political debate, and come to understand some of the underlying issues with voting in the United States. Students will ultimately take an action connected to educating others about issues related to voting, or choose a method to encourage greater voter participation.
Ludi Augustine, Jill Kautz, Sara Shenk
Ithaca High School
12th Grade
ICSD Anti-Marginalization Focus Questions
Historically, who has been given the right to vote in our nation and who has not? Why has this been the case and why was the system unfair for so many for so long?

Who can vote today? Which groups are still at a disadvantage and why?

How can we make voting more equitable and just?

How can I make my voice be heard through the voting process?

How do we energize people to engage in voting in a joyful, committed manner?
Student Product
Students will work to increase voter participation. Options include:
  • participating in a campaign for a party or specific candidate;

  • registering voters at local events, in coordination with existing community organizations;

  • organizing a realistic mock 2020 election at Ithaca High School; or

  • devising creative ways to increase voter participation.