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Let's Vote!

Case Study at a Glance
Understanding that voting is important and that we vote for things we want is foundational to our democratic system of government. First graders are generally egocentric, dichotomous thinkers. This unit is intended to nudge students to become empathic thinkers who understand and respond to the needs of the group and others. The goal is to teach children about active, informed participation, which prepares them to take on civic responsibility in our classroom and world.
Randi Beckmann
Belle Sherman
1st Grade
students counting ballots
Guiding Question
How can we use voting to make our classroom and community better?
ICSD Anti-Marginalization Focus Question
How is change made?
Student Product
After discussing elections generally, students will debate a proposed classroom rule. They will learn to take a position and advocate for their platform. Later, the students will vote on their proposed rule. Children will evaluate the implementation of the rule and then present the rule and the results of their evaluation to the school for consideration as a whole school rule.
student pros and cons list- Let's Vote case study
Let's Vote case study - bulletin board
Let's Vote case study - student discussion
Let's Vote case study - bulletin board