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Welcome to Kindergarten!

Parents and guardians living in the Ithaca City School District who plan to send their children to kindergarten in September 2021 are invited to attend orientation at their child’s assigned school on the dates listed below. If you’re not sure which school is your child’s assigned school, call 274-2201.
Orientation Day(s)
Belle Sherman 274-2206 June 3, 4, & 10 (rain date June 17)
Beverly J. Martin 274-2209 June 1 & 3 (rain date June 8)
Caroline 539-7155 June 7 & 9 (rain date June 16)
Cayuga Heights 257-8557 June 14, 15, & 16 (rain date June 18)
Enfield 274-2221 July 26 (6-7 PM) & July 27 (9-10 AM)
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Fall Creek 274-2214 TBD
Northeast 257-2121 August 30 & 31
South Hill 274-2129 June 2, 3, & 8 (rain date June 17)

If you have not already registered your child for kindergarten in the Ithaca City School District, you may do so via our secure online portal. For details and instructions, visit

If you prefer to register your child in person, or do not have access to a computer or mobile device, you may make an appointment with the District Registrar by emailing or calling 274-2201. The Registrar’s office is located in the IHS Welcome Center, 1401 North Cayuga Street. 


Open Enrollment: If you would like to apply for your child to attend a different school than their home school, the application is due on June 4. Decisions will be made before the end of June, so attend your zoned home school's orientation and registration. 

Universal Pre-K: If your child attends a UPK program, you will need to register your child for kindergarten in the ICSD. 

ICSD Pre-K: If your child attends pre-k in the ICSD, they are already registered and you do not have to fill out additional paperwork.