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Welcome to LACS!


Music Course Selections

LACS offers students a variety of course options for furthering their love of music and musicianship. Please complete our survey so we know which music course(s) you/your child would like to take next year. In the survey, you will also find a video introducing you to our wonderful music teacher! Music Course Selection Survey>>

Music Course Offerings
Celtic Band - In Celtic Band, we will be playing and performing music from Scotland and Ireland. This class is open to everyone from instrumentalists to vocalists or to anyone just wanting to experience playing in a Celtic Band. Students can stay in for a semester or all year.
Music Design
Music, Myth and Ritual - This class is focused on studying the music of cultures from around the world, including such places as the Middle East, Ireland, Scotland, Western Africa, and Japan. Students will learn about the relationships between culture and music through such activities as drumming, documentary viewing, readings, and live demonstrations.
Roots Music - This class is focused on the roots of Western music. We will be studying such music as hip-hop to classical music, rock and roll to jazz, and blues to bluegrass.