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Welcome to DeWitt Middle School!

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Letter from the Principal and AP
Letter from the MEI
Music Course Selections
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Letter from the Principal and AP

May 26, 2020

Dear Fifth Grade Families and Caregivers:

We are excited about your child attending DeWitt Middle school next year. We wanted to reach out to you to let you know that our staff is working on the upcoming 5th to 6th grade transition. We are in the process of developing a virtual transition plan during this challenging time. We will use virtual meeting events and activities for both you and your incoming child with information, expectations and opportunity for questions. Read more>>

Letter from the Master Educator for Inclusion (MEI)

May 2020

Dear Incoming Sixth Grade Families,

Welcome to middle school! We are very excited to have your child as part of our learning community. Right now, our sixth grade teams are working to create opportunities for your student to learn all about middle school and to provide a sense of introduction to their new school. Please be on the lookout for additional information from the middle school principals regarding upcoming caregiver/family meetings, we would love to see you!

As a caregiver of a student with an IEP or 504 plan, you may have additional questions or concerns about your child transitioning to middle school. Through this transition and beyond, I extend a warm welcome for conversation and communication about how we can work together to support you and your child. Read more>> 

Music Course Selections

Our music department offers 6th grade students two music course options - Music 6 and Chorus - to cultivate their creative potential and love for music, while also fulfilling their required music credit. Please complete our survey so we know which music course(s) you/your child would like to take next year. In the survey, you will also find videos introducing you to our wonderful music teachers! Music Course Selection Survey>>

Required Music Course Descriptions
Music 6 - This class will predominantly focus on the music appreciation experience as part of a shared human drive to express and create. Music outlasts, sustains, and inspires us. We communicate with music. Join the conversation of the centuries and explore. Students are graded on writing, participation, discussion and creative projects. Homework is rare. Grading and classroom expectations will be posted on Google Classroom.
Chorus - Lift Every Voice! Sixth grade chorus is a high energy, positive, performance-based class. Through listening, studying, and performing, you will develop your musicianship, confidence and mutual respect in an engaging, student-centered environment. There is no "homework" in 6th grade chorus but your participation in celebratory performances - either virtually or onsite - will highlight experiences to look forward to and treasure always. 
Elective Music Courses
Band and Orchestra are instrumental ensembles that are a continuation of the instrumental programs in elementary school. These groups rehearse during the school day. In addition to these rehearsals, students will have weekly lessons on their instruments. If a child would like to learn an instrument and did not play one in elementary school, they can enroll in weekly lessons at school and join the band or orchestra when they have developed the necessary skills.