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Welcome to Boynton Middle School!

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Letters to Families
School Tour
Virtual Family Event
FAQs for Students
Music Course Selections
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Letters to 5th Grade Families

Letter to Families from the Principal and AP

We wanted to reach out to you to let you know that Boynton Middle School is working hard on the upcoming 5th to 6th grade transition. We are in the midst of reimagining some systems during this challenging time and wanted to let you know that your child’s upcoming transition to Boynton is a top priority of ours. Please allow us to share some of the work currently underway. Read more>>

Letter to Families of Students with IEPs/504 Plans from the MEI

As a caregiver of a student with an IEP or 504 plan, you may have additional questions or concerns about your child transitioning to middle school. Through this transition and beyond, I extend a warm welcome for conversation and communication about how we can work together to support you and your child. Read more>>

School Tour

Virtual Family Event

If you weren't able to join one of our virtual family events, you can view a recording of one below!

FAQs for Incoming Students


Music Course Selections

Our music department offers 6th grade students two music course options - Music 6 and Chorus - to cultivate their creative potential and love for music, while also fulfilling their required music credit. Please complete our survey so we know which music course(s) you/your child would like to take next year. In the survey, you will also find videos introducing you to our wonderful music teachers! Music Course Selection Survey>>

Required Music Course Descriptions
Music 6 is a class that does not require students to perform in public. This class will include a variety of musical activities and concepts, including music of different cultures, reading and writing music notation, playing instruments, listening to music, and learning about various composers and music artists. 
Chorus is a performance-based class. In addition to attending their chorus class during the school day, students will be required to participate in two evening concerts and four after-school rehearsals that take place throughout the school year. Students will learn healthy vocal technique, breathing, and sight-reading, using music from a variety of cultures and styles.
Elective Music Courses
Band and Orchestra are performance-based courses. These ensembles meet during the school day and usually have 2-3 evening performances per year. Participation in the performances is an essential part of the educational experience. Course enrollment cannot be changed mid-year. It is our hope that you will experience the joy of music for years to come! These courses are electives and do not fulfill music credit requirements.