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June 6 Update Regarding Masks
Masks are still required indoors, with continued exceptions for eating, drinking, and mask breaks. When outdoors, individuals no longer need to be masked. More >>

COVID-19 Screenings, Testing, and Contact Tracing
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School Meals Information
Student Vaccination Clinics

School Contacts

Elementary Schools

Belle Sherman
(607) 274-2206
Principal: Jeffrey Tomasik
Master Educator: Erin Hammes
Beverly J. Martin
(607) 274-2209
Principal: Susan Eschbach
Master Educator: Bart Auble
(607) 539-7155
Principal: Kristin Herman
Master Educator: Beth Snyder
Cayuga Heights
(607) 257-8557
Principal: Lisa Sahasrabudhe
Master Educator: Beth Snyder
(607) 274-2221
Principal: Keith Harrington
Master Educator: Lisa Rieger
Fall Creek
(607) 274-2214
Principal: Caitlin Bram
Master Educator: Bart Auble
(607) 257-2121
Principal: Liddy Coyle
Master Educator: Jennifer Gondek
South Hill
(607) 274-2129
Principal: Perry Gorgen
Master Educator: Erin Hammes


Secondary Schools

Boynton Middle School
(607) 274-2241
Principal: Lauren Wright
Master Educator: Tara Caiza
DeWitt Middle School
(607) 257-3222
Principal: Carlan Gray
Master Educator: Tara Caiza
(607) 274-2183
Principal: Deb Ptak
Master Educator: Lisa Rieger
Ithaca High School
(607) 274-2143
Principal: Jason Trumble
Master Educator: Margie Shaw