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Direct Deposit Information

Memorandum on Direct Deposit Procedures

TO:  All Employees (Who Do Not Have Direct Deposit to Receive Their Pay)
FR:  Robert F. Van Keuren, Esq., Director of Human Resources and Labor Relations March 20, 2020
DT:  March 20, 2020


As governmental and health agencies continue to place restrictions on work and travel, the ability of payroll staff to come to work in order to process “paper checks” may become impossible. BOCES Payroll Department is actively working on trying to ensure this does not happen, but at some point, their ability to print “paper checks” may end. This would result in significant delays in you receiving your paycheck.

Therefore, if you have not already completed your application to start “direct deposit” (so that your pay would automatically be sent to your designated bank account), you are urged to do so immediately. You are not required to sign up for direct deposit, but you may wish to do so to ensure timely and uninterrupted receipt of your pay.

If you would like to set up your pay as direct deposit, we are asking that Direct Deposit forms be sent via email to All requests should include your Employee ID and last four digits of your SSN. Please print your name clearly on the form. This email should come from your ICSD email address for security and verification purposes.

The human resources office is currently handling all of these requests remotely. You will be notified via your district email when your application has been processed. Please continue to keep your spirits up! We look forward to seeing you all again soon.