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Open Enrollment

The Ithaca City School District offers limited school choice through Open Enrollment, allowing families to apply to enroll their children in a school other than their zoned school (See Board Policy 5110.2). Open Enrollment is offered only to Ithaca City School District resident students who are currently enrolled in their home school.
A new application is required if a request is being made for a new, non-home school placement. Open Enrollment into a particular school is dependent upon grade-level space availability and staffing considerations at the requested building.
Applications for Open Enrollment are due to the Office of Administration between April 1st through August 1st for the upcoming school year. Written notifications typically begin in late August when enrollment numbers are more accurate, but could be made as late as mid-September. Once applications have been approved, students are not required to reapply. Parents or persons in parental relationship must provide all transportation to and from their child's open enrolled school.

*Please note that Lehman Alternative Community School is not considered in the Open Enrollment process.

Open Enrollment for the 2019-2020 academic year is closed.